Dylan Sprouse Proves He’s Peak BF Material With This Insta Post

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So cute it’s making us nauseous. 

Dylan Sprouse has won Boyfriend Of The Year Award - again - this time for his adorbs post congratulating model girlfriend Barbara Palvin on earning her wings. 

The long-time Victoria’s Secret ambassador has been made an official Angel, joining the elites of the modelling world such as Candice Swanepoel, Lily Aldridge and Adriana Lima. She's also taken out the title of first Hungarian Angel!

Palvin walked the runway for the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2012 and again last year, as well as working on multiple campaigns for the brand. 

"The missus has a big announcement, officially a VS angel!" Sprouse wrote on Instagram. 

"Proud of all the work you've done leading up to this and here's to more years of success and a little less Ben and Jerry's ice cream."

He also posted this cute pic to his otherwise bare feed: 

This isn’t the first time Sprouse has been the ultimate hype partner. 

When his girl was booked to walk to Victoria's Secret Fashion Show after a six-year hiatus last year, he gushed to E! News about her hard work and dedication like the supportive man he is. 

“You know what, it's hard to see like from these interviews and I guess just from the Instagram posts and stuff how hard she's really worked to do this," he said. 

"So I think the best part for me is just knowing that like after all of that, it really paid off. So I'm excited to see the coalescence of all that work."

And then there was the time he was the knight in shining tux and brought Barb some burgers for after the VS Fashion Show. 

Six of them, to be exact. 

Image: Getty / Theo Wargo / Contributor

Because he’s the best boyfriend ever and knows how much his woman needs carbs after a hard day of being a supermodel.  


Dylan and Barb may be in loveland, but we can be comforted by remembering that his twin bro Cole is still sin- oh wait, he’s dating Lili Reinhart.

All hope is lost. We hope they’re all very happy. 


Feature image: Getty / Taylor Hill / Contributor 

Written By Brynn Davies