Shocking drug allegations plague Friends star

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Poor bloke.

It’s no secret that Friends star Matthew Perry has a history of drug abuse and addiction.

The star, 48, has been a vocal about addiction and recovery in the past has spoken about his struggles with alcohol and prescription drugs (Vicodin, Roxicodone and Oxycontin), abuse which occurred while filming Friends.

Perry has been in recovery for some time now but Daily Mail is reporting this has changed.

According to the publication, adult actress Maddy O’Reilly, who used to be a “lover” or Perry’s, has come forward saying he “pleaded” with her to get him “40/50” prescription pills.

O’Reilley, 27, claims Perry sent her a text message requesting “Vicaden/Roxy’s/oxys”.

Concerned, O’Reilley attempted to come on to the star saying “Maybe some of this p***y is what you need” before saying she’d look into it for him but didn’t have a “closet of drugs for when anyone hits me up.”

“I was shocked, I knew he is a recovering addict but it was coming out of nowhere, why would he ask me something like that, it's not like we partied or I have a reputation for partying,” O’Reilley told Daily Mail.

“I was really looking disappointed, it went from us making dinner plans to Matthew asking me for 40 to 50 pills. I was also a little offended and annoyed, people often assume because of what I do for a living that's how we are. 

Then it triggered, he just told me he was going through a detox and now he's asking for 40/50 pills, it was a red flag and I was worried.”

Perry’s representatives did not respond to Daily Mail’s requests for comment.

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