Drinking Coffee In The Car Could Cost You $500 And Three Demerit Points

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We’re not kidding, sadly. 

Hands up if you drink coffee while driving your morning commute? 

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Everyone. Cool, so ya’ll better watch yourselves ‘cause that cuppa Joe could cost you a big stinking fine and points to boot. 

A woman was recently pulled over by a highway patrol cop while driving from Newcastle to Sydney and sipping on a takeaway coffee. 

She told the Newcastle Herald that the patrol officer threatened to fine her $495 and deduct three points from her licence and ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME. 

“He was telling me that I should be concentrating on driving and that he could give me a $495 fine and take three points from my licence.

“I had no idea I was doing anything wrong. Then he said if I wanted to drink the coffee, I should pull over and have a drink, not just takes sips as I drive along.”

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Luckily, there’s no actual law in Australia that prohibits you from eating or drinking (non-alcoholic drinks) while driving, which is the good news. 

The bad news is that the police are able to issue an infringement notice if they determine a driver is not in control of the vehicle because they’re distracted. 

Apparently, sipping the one thing that gets you out of bed in the morning counts as a distraction. 

TBH, we’re horrified at the thought of a road full of people pre-coffee and pissed off about it, but that’s just us. 

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Written By Brynn Davies