Did Todd Carney’s Mum Confirm That He And MAFS’ Star Susie Are Dating?

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With one wife swap already taking place and another in the works, nothing would really surprise us at this point of Married At First Sight Australia, amirite?

But, let’s face it - we’d be lying if we said we weren’t hooked on the series, so when we get the feeling that another couple seems to be steering away from the experiment, we just have to share it with you guys!

You may, or may not, have heard some whispers about MAFS’ star Susie (who is currently with Billy) and Todd Carney being well, an item.  And, after Susie refused to comment on her relationship with the Football player during an interview with Fitzy and Wippa, we were willing to let our suspicions slide… Until now.

Todd Carney’s mum (Leanne Carney) has shared a very adorbs pic to Facebook, which captured Susie’s right arm around Todd, and we’ve got to admit, it does look pretty couply:

That, or they're just a couple of friends going out to dinner – it’s possible!

Although… To make matters even more interesting, a user commented on the pic saying “hope Suzie [sic] treats todd better than she treated poor billy” and Leanne’s response was very kind-hearted: 

“She is beautiful it’s only reality tv remember” - she wrote.

So… maybe a social experiment isn’t the best way for everyone to find love?


Martha from MAFS gave Fitzy and Wippa an update on Ines​




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Written By Rosanna Lamotta

"He is now not in the right headspace"

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These two!

The announcement video is ADORABLE.