Debra Messing and her son watch Will & Grace together

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Will and Grace

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With just a month away from airing, most Will and Grace fans are clutching at any bit of information.

Debra Messing opened up about how the filming has been going to

“Yesterday when we were together to do a table read, we couldn’t stop laughing.

“And Megan Mullally’s character, Karen, was touching my breasts and making honking noises. It was like, ‘We’re back!’”

However, some fans are concerned the sitcom sequel will ruin the great show that ran for eight years.

“Well, I’m an optimist, and we’re all putting our money on us. 

“Our fans who loved us will tune in and that there’s going to be a whole new generation of Will & Grace fans who weren’t around when we first came out.”

“It makes sense to me that some people would be concerned. We were incredibly lucky to have a fan base that was passionately connected to this show.

“Many people came up to us and said, ‘You helped us come out to our family, you helped our family heal.’ It has meaning to it beyond just being a successful show that made people laugh.

“And, look, I’m sure that people are scared that it won’t hold up. After so many years later, they wonder if we still have the same chemistry? Do we still have stories to tell?”

Sean Hayes who plays Jack demanded to know which fans were concerned: 

“Which fans are worried? What are their names?”

All four actors are in different stages in their lives than where they were during the series.

Messing has two boys, Eric McCormack who plays Will has a son, Megan Mullally who plays Karen is married and Hayes is now a producer.

Messing admits that she makes her younger son watch re-runs of Will and Grace with her however her eldest is not so keen. 

“There was a Will & Grace marathon on Thanksgiving last year and my won, who hasn’t seen much of the show, said to me, ‘Are you just going to watch yourself on TV all day?’” 

Written By Christina Cavaleri
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