CONFIRMED: One of your favourite girl bands from back in the day is reforming

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Mid-00s gals UNITE

One of our favourite girl bands from the mid-2000s have confirmed they’re getting back together.

But who?

WHO? You ask as you grab your super low-rise jeans and fabric belt. WHO?!

None other than The Pussycat Dolls.

Originally founded as a burlesque troupe, The Pussycat Dolls took the jump to music in 2003 before disbanding in 2009/2010 after reports Nicole Scherzinger received preferential treatment. For those counting along at home, that’s eight long years apart.

Former bandmate Carmit Bachar, now 43, also cited Scherzinger’s struggles with bulimia (and failure to confide in her bandmates) as reason for the split. Scherzinger later went public with her illness in 2012.

A PCD Reunion website announced the news with original members Kimberly Wyatt, Ashley Roberts, Jessica Sutta, and Melody Thornton all allegedly on board. They're also rumoured to bring in new music to complement number one hits 'Don't Cha' and 'Stickwitu'. It is not clear at this stage if former member Carmit Bachar will be joining them althought it seems unlikely.

Bachar has been quoted as saying:

 “A ­Pussycat Dolls reunion isn’t out of the question. Five of us — and not Nicole — could happen. But all six? Never. Too much water under the bridge.”

We're gonna take that as a "hell would freeze over".

An insider spoke to UK publication The Sun, saying:

“Talk of the girls ­getting back together has been rife for a few years now and they have finally found a time which works for them all.”

“They are still deciding whether it will involve a full tour or just a handful of performances but they are excited to be getting out there together again.”

We don't know about you, but we've already started warming up for those standing leg splits.

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