Cold Chisel Have New Music On The Way

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They’re “putting the band back together.”

One of the greatest Aussie rock bands of all time, Cold Chisel, are gettin’ the crew back together again.

Sharing a photo of Jimmy Barnes and the boys in the studio on their official Facebook page, the band confirmed reports there's new music on the way. 

Chisel’s last album was 2015’s The Perfect Crime, so it’s been a while between drinks. 

“Putting the band back together,” the band captioned the snap. 

Fans have been going berko in the comments, stoked to see these Aussie greats back on the circuit. 

“Awesome news, so excited for new album and concert, love you guys,” one punter wrote. 

“Grown up with your music since I was a youngling in the 70's,” reminisced another. “You're like an old pair of jeans to me - a comfy fit!”

“Sometimes wishes do come true... Chisel is and always will be my favourite band,” gushed another fan. 

Time to start warming up your neck and finger muscles; there’s a lotta head-banging and air guitar solos a-comin’. 

Image: Getty/Classic Rock Magazine​


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Written By Brynn Davies