Chart shows the 'success' of MAFS experts and oh god it's AWKWARD

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Sam and Elizabeth MAFS


It's a question we often forget as we wrap ourselves in the delish drama that is Married At First Sight, but how many of the couples stay together?

Well, folks. There's one way to find out and unsurprisingly, it's Wikipedia.

But before we wow you with the answer, have a guess. 

How many of these poor souls forced into manufactured 'love' on our screns do you think have fancied each other enough to stick around?

Well folks. 

It's one.

Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr, from the shows' second season are - quite literally - the only couple still together following the 'experiment'. The pair recently celebrated three years together and told New Idea they were planning a future of babies and real marriage. Which is nice and all but did you miss the bit where it's legit just one couple?

A close #2 is Zoe Hendrix and Alex Garner who announced their seperation in April of 2018. The two were together just shy of three years and share a daughter together, Harper-Rose. 

Which we can kinda count as success - that's one cute and well-loved kid - but really?


It's one.

Just the one couple have survived the 'experiment'.

So, to the current contestants we say...

Best of luck?

Image: MAFS / Channel 9


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