Chace Crawford Slams The Gossip Girl Finale And It's About Time

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And takes a dig at the shows finale.

You know you love him. 

It's Chace Crawford of course, and I've spent way too much time replaying that gif.

He's shared his opinion on the Gossip Girl reboot to Cosmopolitan while slamming the ending of the original series.

"I haven’t heard anything official.

"I think they’re smart, to keep it going.

"You can write with the ending in mind can build more to the end."

Is this or is this not a direct burn to the Gossip Girl ending where they revealed Dan "Lonely Boy" Humphrey was the unidentified blogger ending their secret sharing entries with 'xoxo'?

When the ending aired fans were furious at the writers. It just did not make sense for Dan to be Gossip Girl (oh god, Game of Thrones flashbacks). And fans went back through the show with a fine tooth comb to pull out the reasons why eg: THE TEXT AND EMAIL CONVERSATIONS HE HAS WITH GOSSIP GIRL?!

When asked about the OG ending to the show, Chace said it was "funny"... FUNNY? YOU THINK THAT ENDING WAS FUNNY?

“Me personally, I thought it was kind of funny."

"I can’t speak for Penn, but I’m not even really sure what I think about it. 

"It’s hard—on any show that has a good run and has a large, passionate fan base—to end it. You can never give it an ending that lives up to the expectation, right? 

"If I’m being honest, just knowing Penn at the time, we all thought it was kind of funny."

Yea, we’re all laughing Chace. 

The new Gossip Girl is set to premiere in 2020 on HBO Max in the US. 

Image: Gossip Girl / CW and Stefanie Keenan / Contributor via Getty Images

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Written By Christina Cavaleri