Cara Delevingne Says She Is A "Happier Person" Because Of Ashley Benson

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"I’d never truly let anyone in before..."

Actress and model Cara Delevingne found it easy to fall in love with Ashley Benson because her girlfriend is the most trustworthy person she has ever met.

The Suicide Squad star tells Net-a-Porter she had always struggled to truly open up to partners in past relationships - until she met Ashley.

"I’d never truly let anyone in before, for fear of them leaving.

"I never really trusted people, or felt worthy of it, and I always pushed them away.

"She’s (Benson) the first person that has said, 'You can’t push me away. I’m going to be nice to you, I love you'. I’m just like, 'Wait, so all I have to do is just let you be nice to me? Why have I never done that before? OK!'"

And she admits to being so smitten with Ashley she goes out of her way to make the relationship work - even when they are both far away from each other.

"Long distance relationships are always tough," she adds. "We make it work, though. We have to. And it definitely makes me a better, happier person."

Cara also reveals in her interview with Net-A-Porter that Harvey Weinstein told her that she "will never make it in this industry [acting] as a gay woman - get a beard."

"This was a long time before he tried to touch me."

In October 2017 Cara alleged that Harvey had made sexual advances towards her.


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