Brooklyn Beckham slammed for ‘racist’ Instagram post, sets account to private

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The eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham has set his Instagram account to private following massive backlash over a post he made last week.

While visiting Italy on October 4, the 19-year-old posted two photos showing people of Asian descent, presumably also in Italy.

One photo showed a group of people enjoying a gondola ride, another photo showed a woman in a supermarket.

Brooklyn captioned the photos:

"No place like Italy innit."

Images: Brooklyn Beckham / Instagram

The backlash from his 11.4 million followers was immediate, with users upset that he was suggesting Asian people are not welcome in Italy, as well as the fact he’d snapped them seemingly without their permission.

Other fans defended the post, saying he was just being positive about Italy as a tourist destination:

A post on Chinese micro-blogging site Sina Weibo unpacked the statement:

"Some people say that we are being too sensitive, but don't you see that this is clearly discrimination against Asians?

"If these were pictures of African-Americans in the United States, they would tear him apart... If we don't speak up for ourselves, we Asians will always be looked down upon."

Other users pointed out that Brooklyn was an ambassador for Chinese mobile phone brand Huawei in 2016 - with dad David affiliated with countless Chinese brands.

Brooklyn has yet to comment on the controversy.

Images: Brooklyn Beckham / Instagram / Getty

Written By Hayley