Brooke's Bachelor In Paradise Bombshell Needs To Be Played On Repeat

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Last night's Bachelor In Paradise came into the reality TV game swinging.

Proverbially, BIP said, "We didn't come here to f**k spiders - and here's Brooke to prove it".

And boy did she. 

Brooke Blurton, 24, was pegged to take home the prize during the Honey Badger's season, but she infamously asked to leave after making it to the final three.

The finale that followed made history: Nick picked no one. 

And Australia felt like it never got closure.

Until now.

During last night's premiere Brooke sat down with fellow contestants Cass, Alisha and Cat to drop a bombshell.

"My last date with Nick, we were on a motorbike. I thought maybe I would be the girl at the end, but he stopped the cameras and smothered his mic to tell me that he wasn’t gonna pick anyone in the end," she revealed.

To put this in perspective, Brooke's last solo date - the one on the motorcycle - was during episode seven.

AKA there was like, a baker's bloody dozen left trying to earn Nick's affection.

"He told me not to tell anyone and I protected him for that reason," Brooke added.

"It ate at me, the secret of that just killed me... I couldn’t tell the other girls, and I felt that was really s**t...What are you supposed to do with that? Pretty much just broke my heart and then made me feel like I had to keep it a secret."

"I don't want to be with someone who isn't committed. I don't want to waste my time and I feel like that's what he did to us," Brooke ended.

"Why would you take these two beautiful women to New Caledonia if you're only going to say, "No thanks, pack 'er up boys?'" Alisha added in a piece to camera.

Honestly? It was the closure we all needed. 

Bless you Brooke. And welcome to Paradise.

Image: BIP / Channel Ten

Written By Ally Parker