Britt and Cass have been papped sharing a cheeky kiss and it's probs NBD but...

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It's been a hot minute since The Bachelor ended and while we're keen for The Bachelorette (starting Wednesday 10 October), our minds are still fixed on the contestants we know and love.

We're pretty sure you feel the same - it's been seven weeks of investment for crying out loud - and that's why we're sharing some hot goss.

You see, it's come out today that Bachie contestants Britt and Cass have a great relationship which a) includes the occasional show of affection or b) includes regular displays of affection.

It's anyone's guess really, but New Idea have obtained some pics which confirm their strong bond.

P.S. The photos show fellow finalist Sophie, Cass and Britt all wearing their post-show interview outfits, so it's pretty fair to say they'd had a VERY long day.

TL;DR Big yay for close female relos (in whatever form they decide it to beeee)!

That being said, it's a bit of a change from Cass' previous interview where she told Now To Love of her "horrible" exchange with Brittany when she was grilled about her sexual past during the series.

“I was really flustered, I was very, very upset. It was a really tough situation and that question [asking if we were intimate] put me on the spot. It was inappropriate.

“I understand where she was coming from but it was an inappropriate situation to answer that question and talk about on national TV when my grandparents are watching!

It's my private dating life as well, which happens to be on national TV… It definitely startled me and I know she regrets asking that question.”

Cass also told the publication that she and Brittany were still “best mates”, but that the confrontation caused her to have a panic attack on camera.

“I pretty much had a panic attack during that moment. I don't think you see that but I couldn't breathe, it was so hard.

…I had a lot of support and there are psychologists. I think you see in the episode, I fell into my producer's arms. I was numb, I didn't know what to do. He was just holding me because I was just so overwhelmed but there were a lot of people to talk me through it.”

The news comes after the contestants for Ali Oetjen's The Bachelorette was announced to ah... mixed reaction:  

Image: Instagram / Cass Wood


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