Body shamers took a swipe at Demi Lovato and faced a huge clapback from her family

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So much YES! 

Demi Lovato has been noticeably silent on the interwebs following her suspected overdose and time in rehab

And honestly, fair enough. 

The internet can be a nasty place for anyone and it’s definitely not a good place to be when you’re recovering from personal trauma. 

Demi has shared only two photos on her Instagram in the last six months. 

The first was a snap of her voting in early November urging her followers to also #VOTE. 

And the second Demi shared only yesterday: a pic of her looking sweaty and happy after a jiu jitsu training session. 

“Sweaty, messy jiu jitsu hair… #BJJ #BlueBelt #NeverGiveUp” Demi captioned the photo with some cheeky emojis. 

And while we for one are so happy to see her looking healthy and getting back into the things she loves, some users were not as kind. 

Instead of focusing on the positive, haters couldn’t help but body shame Demi by commenting on her weight. 

What they probably weren’t expecting was that Demi’s sister Dallas Lovato would see their comments and serve them with some SERIOUS clapback. 

And we are HERE for it. 

"Ya know what? Here's another thing I'm just saying to all the f--king tabloids out there right now calling my sister fat, go f--k yourself because she's the most beautiful, strong, amazing person that I've ever met in my entire life," Dallas shared in a video making the rounds online. 

"And everyone why are you making my sister's body the topic of your conversation, go f--k yourself.”


Dallas  continued, "I'm sorry my sister is beautiful, she's alive and she's conquering a lot of really hard s--t… I'm just saying.”

You can watch the whole inspiring video below (but be warned there are a few naughty swear words in there). 

Dallas wasn’t the only one to share the ~ positive vibes ~. 

Christina Aguilera commented, “I’ve missed you so very much! And we keep on tickin–till the end of time–I loooove youuuuu! Can't wait to continue to heave you by side now.”

Despite the body shamers, it’s so good to know Demi has a strong support network. 

You’re killing it girlfriend, you do you. 

If you or anyone you know struggles with substance abuse or mental health, contact Lifeline for support on 13 11 14. 

Images: Instagram / Demi Lovato. 

Written By Krisinda Merhi