Billy From MAFS Is Dating A Recent Ex-Bachelor Contestant

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One man’s reality tv reject is another man’s love.  

The Bachelor is reaching peak heat zone which means Bachie Matt Agnew is making some serious decisions about what ladies to keep on the show and who to get rid of. 

One of the most recent evictees was Nichole Wood.

But rather than suffer in silence and rejection, Nichole’s gone and got herself a new man and you might remember his name - Billy Vincent. Yes, of Married At First Sight fame. 

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The pair were pictured together earlier this week and Nichole spills the beans on her new ‘relationship’ while chatting to Now To Love: 

"We're not in a relationship yet!" Nichole confirms to TV WEEK, revealing, "that was actually our first date.”


The pair, who both reside in Queensland, were introduced (on Instagram) by mutual friend Shelby Bilby from Love Island.

”He went to an event with my best friend Shelby, and he followed me on Instagram and liked a couple of my photos," Nichole told the publication.

After noticing they had both been at the same bar, Nicole messaged Billy and things kicked off from there. 

”That sort of sparked up the conversation! Then we just kept talking, he was trying to get me to go to the Ekka with him and I didn't end up having time because I was working, and we only finally got our schedules matched up and got our first date in last week… and it went really well as you could see.”

She’s referring to the cheeky kiss they shared

Once again: cuuuute. 

So what's next for the couple? 

"We're seeing where it goes and we're both really cruisy about it, we enjoy each other's company," Nicole told Now To Love.

"Honestly, I was so ready for [her time on the show] to be over and I'm just happy that I can move on to the next chapter of my life now.” 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi