Billie Eilish Met Justin Bieber For The First Time At Coachella And Flipped Out

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Honestly? Same. 

Billie Eilish has gone from strength to strength and Coachella weekend #1 is proof of that. 

Not only did Billie perform a killer set (did we expect any less of her? Hell no), but she met Katy Perry:

And Ariana Grande: 

AND Justin Bieber. 

Now you’re probably thinking “don’t famous people meet famous people all the time?”.

And you wouldn’t be wrong. Except that meeting Justin is a HUGE deal for Billie ‘cause she’s a HUGE Bieliber AKA Beiber fan.

Like, seriously huge. 

Like, went on Ellen and spoke about how much she loves Justin kinda huge.

So when Billie and Justin finally crossed paths at Coachella, we felt like proud parents. 

I mean, just look at how excited she is:

She’s like, “Just, just give me a moment.”

And honestly, we get it. It’s the Biebs. 

Billie recovers, like the champ she is, and gives Justin the biggest longest hug we’ve ever seen and our hearts! 


We're not sure who we want to be more: Justin, Billie or the people who got to witness this live and IRL. 

Billie voiced her excitement and gratitude to her 18.3 million Instagram followers with the following post: 

“I feel full.”


Images: Paras Griffin / Getty, Justin Bieber / Instagram, Giphy / Giphy. 




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Written By Krisinda Merhi