Bikini Influencer Slammed For Insta Post While In Labour

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“... This pressures women to look glamorous even in labour."

Aussie beauty and bikini influencer Hannah Polites has been keeping her followers updated on her pregnancy from day dot. 

From photo shoots in the bath wearing a flower crown to cute posts featuring matching family outfits and themed around holidays, her feed looks more professionally shot and edited than a Kardashian’s. 

But the Gold Coast mama of two wasn’t expecting the backlash she received on a photo she posted when she went into labour. 

Posing in the doorway of her home alongside her hubby Grant Small and their daughter Evaliah, she wrote: 

“Be right back with our precious bundle soon, baby is coming. We’ve officially left the house for the last time as parents of one and will soon be a family of 5... Wish us luck.”

While many commenters shared their best wishes for the labour, keyboard warriors hounded the Insta star, criticising her full face of makeup and styled hair.

"Is taking the time to set up a staged photo for Instagram when you're in labour problematic?" commented one.

"She's like, 'Ready to push', posting photos with a full face of makeup and in a designer hospital gown,” remarked another user. 

“Who the hell is this flawless in labour I want answers.”

"I think it's bizarre that everything on Instagram has to be staged and 'squared' for everyone to see," another added. "Surely a quick tired selfie would have been more appropriate."

Other fans were supportive of the staged photo, reminding trolls "each to their own." 

"It's not my style and I couldn't pull it off, but she's about to have a baby so she can do whatever she likes," one wrote. 

"I'm guessing she was in early labour and took the time to capture a memory that she can keep forever," another mother added. "I've had four children and every labour is different."

"I have mixed feelings about this," one fan admitted. "If she's happy, who am I to tell her what to do, but I also think this pressures women to look glamorous even in labour."


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Written By Brynn Davies