The big secret Charlie wasn't allowed to tell Ali on The Bachelorette

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You can tell us though, Charlie!

It's been a dramatic 24 hours for newly booted Bachelorette contestant Charlie Newling.

First he sensationally exited the show after being touted as the favourite for weeks, then he followed up that bombshell with the big revelation that he and The Bachelor's Dasha Gaivoronski are actually an item (finally).

And now Charlie has one more big tidbit to drop on us: the Bachelorette producers apparently stopped him from revealing to Ali that he has a kid.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Charlie said that he tried to tell Ali "several times" on the show about his eight-year-old son but the producers stopped him every time.

“Everyone knew from day dot that I had a child when I auditioned and there was a process in place to tell Ali but it was shut down by production every time I was going to tell her.

“If I stayed on the show, I had a letter written that I was going to give her explaining why I’d waited so long, but it just never came out … I don’t know why it never came out but it was just stopped for some reason.”

Now that he's off the show, there's no stopping him from telling Ali about his kid though it's probably not that important any more since he's with Dasha now.

Plus, we can't imagine Dasha being too keen on the idea of Charlie meeting up with Ali and telling her "so I didn't get to tell you this on the show but I think you should know that I have a kid. 'Kay, thanks, bye!"

Images: Charlie Newling/Instagram


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