Beyonce's Dad Just Spilled On How Far Away A Destiny's Child Reunion Is

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Destiny's Child Beyonce Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Coachella

Don’t (lose) your breath. 

It's the reunion we’ve been dreaming of since 2005. 

We got a taster at 2018 Coachella when Beyonce brought Destiny's Child back for a few classics like Soldier, Say My Name and Lose My Breath, but it wasn't enough. 

We need more. 

Rumours have been circulating about a possible reunion but Kelly Rowland has unfortunately shot them to hell. 

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight Kelly said:

"That [reunion tour] was news to me, just as much as it was to you! 

"I was like, 'Oh! My god, a tour is happening! Someone call me.'"

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She says that they were all focusing on their own projects but if they were to go on tour that she, Beyoncé and Michelle would want to keep it a "surprise" for fans.

"Everybody’s supportive of each other’s personal ventures right now.

"If it were to happen, I would want it to be a surprise… I feel like we know so much now."

Also speaking on the subject was Mathew Knowles, Beyonce's father and Destiny's Child former manager. In an interview with UK newspaper Metro he said:

"I certainly hope they do. It would be wonderful, wouldn't it?"

But we would be waiting a while if they said yes:

"Most people don't know how touring works and how the industry works.

"It takes years to put together a tour, get the band together, get the dancers together, then decide which size venues you're going to have, start rehearsals, and it would probably be a world tour... it would two to three years, even if the answer was yes today."

If Spice Girls can do it, so can Destiny's Child (side note, still waiting on the Spice Girls Aussie tour).

Image: Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

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Written By Christina Cavaleri