Beyonce just got ‘mummy-shamed’ for posting this picture

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Beyonce / Instagram

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Beyonce is the proud mama of newborn twins. But that’s why this photo is ticking people off so much.

Queen Bee posted a seemingly innocent snap of herself enjoying a glass of wine to her Instagram account overnight. 

And of course - out came the parenting experts! Countless commenters seemed to think a new mum should abstain completely from alcohol.

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Comments on the photo included:

“I hope Beyonce ain't using the twins to feed the twins after that glass of wine... #ImJustSayin #IBelieveThatChildrenAreOurFuture”. 

“If she is nursing the babies, wine ain’t good.”

“You feed children with your breast why do you drink?!”

She had plenty of fans defending her, too, with comments like:

“It is insane for slamming a woman for having a glass of wine if she breast feeds. One unit of alcohol is out of your breast milk within two hrs. One glass of wine is not a crime lol! Chill out! You do you B.”

Beyonce hasn’t confirmed whether she is breastfeeding her babies at all - and it’s none of our business!

Images: Beyonce / Instagram

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