The best memes to come out of the whole Jordyn/Khloe/Tristan debacle

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So damn salty.

In case you missed it, rumours has it the Khloe vs. Tristan drama (going for just shy of a year if you're following along at home) got blown into the stratosphere after TMZ reported that ol' dawg Tristan hooked up with Jordyn Woods aka Kylie Jenner's BFF.

Now that juicy, juicy goss is, in and of itself, enough to sustain us but there's this glorious thing called ~~social media~~ which ensures the lols keep rolling long into the night.

So, ever the altrustic type, we've compiled the very best memes to come out of this whole thing.

It's just for you and not at allllllll to use as a excuse to look at memes all day at work. 

Image: KUWTK / E! Network

Written By Ally Parker