The Best Memes To Come Out Of The Mountain’s Reveal On GoT

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Thank you internet. 

There were a couple of unexpected reveals in yesterday's episode of Game Of Thrones. You know, besides Daenerys Targaryen turning into 'The Mad Queen'.

Now, we’re not sure about you but we were always taught "If you've got nothing nice to say then don't say nothing at all."

But damn! It is hard not to comment on The Mountain's revamped face because he is one scary looking thug. Plus, he's an undead murderous sociopath, so we think that overrides Thumper's advice and the internet agrees.

Instead of curling into a fetal position and crying over the fact that producers have completely ruined Daenerys’ character arc, fans are taking the high road and creating memes on The Mountain. 

The Mountain or Sir Gregor Clegane turned into this monster after he almost died during Tyrion’s ‘Trial By Combat’ against Oberyn Martell. 

However, Martell celebrated too early, and that’s when The Mountain saw his chance and casually pushed Martell’s eyes in and crushed his skull. As you do.

Anyway, Martell got the final say because his blade was poisoned, causing his face to become… well, pretty stuffed. But it was hidden under his helmet and all that we could see was his red eye, until yesterday.

Image: HBO


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