The Best Memes To Come Out Of The Game Of Thrones Finale

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The memes deserve the Iron Throne. 

Ten years on and Game Of Thrones has come to and end. Finished. Caput. No more gaming for the throne. 

Love it or hate it, last night’s episode was full of many callbacks to previous seasons, memorable moments and some shocking scenes (is it really a GoT episode if you didn’t question life at least once?). 

Do you know what all of these^ things make for? Great memes. 

So, in the name of all things good and peaceful in the Seven Kingdoms and for the sake of providing the world with valuable content, we present you with the best memes to come out of the Game Of Thrones finale. 

1. Jamie knew what was up from the very start

2. Hello handsome(s)

3. When Dany made us want to punch her for the 1057th time

4. Arya proved she’s an independent woman who don't need no man (again) 

5. When expectation does not = reality 

6. Dany made us feel seen 

7. Mean Girls was relevant once again 

8. Drogon proved he’s a genius 

9. Bran played us all 

10. Like, he REALLY played us

11. When Game of Thrones was a romance story all along

12. And also a Nickelodeon crossover

13. TRUE

14. WeE NeEd T0o BreAK ThE WHeEll 

15. Finally, this realisation which is pretty epic



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Written By Krisinda Merhi

"I’d never truly let anyone in before..."

Wait, what?!?

Along with a never before seen pic of Archie.