Batten Down The Hatches - Baby Shark Is Going To Be A TV Series

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There is no song more catchy, nor more terrifying, than Pinkfong’s Baby Shark

If you’ve never experienced the misfortune of this song stuck on loop in your head for a week - prepare yourself.

‘Cause Baby Shark is getting its own TV show and now is the time to ban your toddler from all electronic devices. 

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Nickelodeon has planned our excruciating death-by-Baby Shark by teaming up with Pinkfong’s global entertainment company, SmartStudy, to turn the popular children’s tune into an animated series. 

Which is a fantastic idea if you don’t have children and never have to watch it. 

The OG two-minute clip was uploaded to YouTube in 2016 by the South Korean educational brand. Baby Shark then swam its way onto the Billboard Hot 100, debuting at #32 this January. 

The YouTube video has three billion views, one billion of which is probably my niece. 

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If there was ever a good time to get your family living off the grid, now is it.


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Written By Brynn Davies