Bachie's Monique Revealed Her Real Feelings About Abbie On Insta Story

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The truth is out.

Ex Bachie contestants Helena and Monique met up on Thursday night to watch The Bachelor finale.

While we did very much the same thing - a glass of wine goes well with heartbreak - the pair brought a little extra spice to the interaction thanks to their insider knowledge.

In more than 20 Instagram stories, Monique let her real feelings come out, mocking Abbie for getting "into character".

"Just get into character, babe," she said mocking Abbie and fake crying.

She also performed an epic eye roll when asked "why Abbie is so fake".

The pair also revealed they were cheering for Chelsie to win Matt's heart with the caption, "if it's not Chelsea [sic] I'll cry".

She even asked for followers to send messages about "how much they love" Chelsie.

Fitzy & Wippa chatted to the winning couple in the podcast below (post continues):

The news comes after Abbie's heartbreaking confession to - Fitzy & Wippa -  that she "scream-cried" following the incident.

Oh, and casually dropped what really happened under the water with the astrophysicist

Image: Instagram / Monqiue Morely

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Written By Ally Parker

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