Bachie’s Helena Revealed The Parts Of The Show She Couldn’t Stand To Watch

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“I struggled to watch certain dates.”

The Bachelor Australia has reached the pointy end, with the season finale set to air tonight. 

While contestants (do we call them contestants?) Abbie and Chelsie are still in the running to win Matt’s heart, Helena was booted out of the mansion doors last night after not receiving a rose. 

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Helena popped into Nova to test her knowledge of all things Bachie related and revealed some sneaky details about the parts of the show she couldn’t stand to watch (hint: they involved Matt and Abbie). 

Check out the video below to find out the specific dates Helena avoided watching and just how good her The Bachelor trivia is.

Images: The Bachelor / Channel 10, Giphy / Giphy. 

Written By Krisinda Merhi

“None of this is fair on Chelsie, Matt or me.”

Did anyone else notice she was pregnant during season 3?

"That's kind of what we've had a chat about.”