Bachie Frontrunner Abbie Reportedly A ‘Party Girl’ With Secret Boyf

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Where have we heard this one before?

The Bachelor contestant Abbie Chatfield is no stranger to controversy. 

Between her hot and heavy pash with Matt to the whole ‘dog c**t thing’… let’s just say she should probably stay away from Twitter for life.

You might remember Steph and Tara from Matty J’s run were both accused of having secret boyfriends a few seasons ago, but this year, New Idea sources reckon that Abbie is the one harbouring a “secret boyfriend”.

He's reporteddly from Britain, and his mere presence means Abbie was never on the show for a serious relationship. 

“Whenever she was with Matt she’d be telling him she wants to settle down, get married and have children – whatever he wanted to hear,” they report the insider as saying.

“And then once Abbie was back in the mansion, she’d be laughing to the other girls that she’s 23, a party girl, and couldn’t think of anything worse.”

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^^^ Abbie seems pretty keen on Matt IMO.

This new controversy comes after Abbie told TV Week that she wasn’t coping well with all the drama and had to see a psychologist to deal.

So naturally, fellow bachelorette Sogand Mohtat backed the confession up with her own run to media, claiming Abbie is not what she seems. In fact, previews for the rest of the season tease a showdown between the two.

“I couldn’t hold back after seeing how Abbie was one way in front of us girls when the cameras were rolling, then another way to Matt,” she told Sunday Confidential.

“She is a manipulator and it’s time I tell her how it is.”

To quote our Bachie himself, it’s all starting to sound like BS.

But TBH… we’re here for it.

Nova has reached out to Channel Ten for comment.

Image: Supplied/Channel Ten, Giphy, Instagram/Abbie Chatfield

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Written By Isabella Bull