The Bachelorette's Charlie Newling just threw cold water on a big rumour

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Well there goes that little fantasy.

Well that didn't last long!

After The Bachelorette's Charlie Newling and former Bachelor contestant Dasha Gaivoronski seemingly confirmed that they are dating during one of Dasha's recent Instagram Q&As, it appears that everyone may have jumped the gun a little too early.

Speaking to Now to Love, Charlie threw water on the rumours about him being in a relationship with Dasha, saying:

"Dasha and I are good friends and she has been an amazing support to me over the past few weeks. Last night's Instagram post was us trying to make light of all the media attention on our relationship."

Welp, there goes that little fantasy but it does make sense.

Since Charlie is under contract with Channel Ten and Warner Bros. Australia, being in a relationship with Dasha while The Bachelorette is still airing is a big no no and would land him in some pretty hot water with his TV bosses.

But based on Charlie's "toxic" behaviour towards Ali on the recent episode of Bachelorette, we can't imagine he'll be in a relationship with anyone any time soon.

Images: Charlie Newling/Instagram


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Written By Alexander Pan