The Bachelorette's Charlie Newling just dropped a HUGE bombshell

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If you're anything like us, you saw Charlie Newling (code name: Tall Drink of Water) walk onto The Bachelorette and immediately became obsessed.

We got to know him along with Ali and tbh, thought we had him pegged.

But now Daily Mail Australia has revealed the 31-year-old Sydneysider has wowzer of a secret: he's got a kid. 

The publication report that Charlie has a son, now eight years old, with his former partner.

Images obtained by the publication show a very young looking Charlie holding his newborn son, born September 2010. 

Charlie has yet to comment on the series, however he told NW Magazine on Monday morning: 

"I chose not to speak publicly about my child as I wanted to ensure their privacy was protected," 

That being said, the builder has talked openly on The Bachelorette about his family values.

"I'm here to find somebody, I'm here to find love,' he said. 'I want the house with the white picket fence, I want the kids and I want to settle down," he said in episode one.

Finally, a source also told the publication that Charlie might not be everything he seems:

"No doubt Charlie will be tricking the whole of Australia into thinking he's a good guy," the source told NW.

"Everything he told me about his whole life was made up – and I just don't want another person tricked by his… ways."

To which we say:

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Prince Harry just told off Fitzy & Wippa’s newsreader, Matt de Groot:

Written By Ally Parker

“None of this is fair on Chelsie, Matt or me.”

Did anyone else notice she was pregnant during season 3?

"That's kind of what we've had a chat about.”