The Bachelorette's Ali fuming after Bill's ex crashes his hometown visit

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"So, what's it like dating four guys, Ali?"

Thursday night's episode of The Bachelorette sees Todd King, Taite Radley, Bill Goldsmith and Charlie Newling introduce Ali Oetjen to their nearest and dearest. This episode is notoriously awkward. 

Bill's parents, however, are overseas and cannot meet Ali, so he organises dinner with his friends.

However, things quickly turn sour at when Ali gets grilled by the contestant's ex-girlfriend making things so much more awkward. 

Yep, his ex-girlfriend was there to meet his new girlfriend. 

In a preview for the episode we see Amy grilling Ali about the show and her dating habits:

"So, what's it like dating four guys, Ali?"

Osher Gunsberg is heard saying over the clip:

"It's not so much a family affair, more like dinner with the ex."

Ali adds in a voice-over:

"He's acting all casual like, Amy is some girl I met at the dog park."

The reality star is then seen asking, "When did you guys meet?" Amy responds, "We're good friends," to which Ali says, "You have dated!" 

Bill's ex responds with a smile and confirms Ali's assumption.

Ali is then seen in a piece to camera sarcastically saying: "No big deal," then adding seriously, "Big freaking deal!"

It also seems as though Charlie Newling has no plans to introduce Ali to his family, telling the cameras: 

"This is where it ends, there's not going to be a hometown dinner. I'm not going to pretend like everything's peach and creamy."

Looks like this will be one of the most dramatic episodes yet! 

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Written By Marni Dixit