The Bachelorette Angie Kent Opens Up About Health Struggle

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"I had the operation and there it was"

We may feel as if we know Angie Kent aka The Bachelorette super, duper well. 

After all, she's been on our screens twice a week for the last month, looking for love; that's pretty intimate right?

Well, apparently not. 

Angie has opened up to Body And Soul, revealing her struggling with endometriosis, a disease which causes tissue - similar to the lining of the womb - grow on other parts of the body.

Angie told the publication that as a part of this condition her periods were so painful she felt like she could faint. She also detailed "excessive bleeding. Pain with intercourse. Pain with urination and bowel movements" and weight gain during her period as other symptoms.

"My period pain and systems were next level. My anxiety was out of control," she told Body And Soul.

"I went to my doctor and she said, 'Lets test you'. I got an ultrasound but they couldn’t see anything so that meant I just had to have the keyhole surgery, as a lot of the time it isn’t necessarily seen in an internal ultrasound. I had the operation and there it was."

According to Endometriosis Australia, more than 730,000 Australians have endometriosis, around 10 per cent, with an average diagnosis taking seven to 12 years. Pain and other symptoms can disrupt women's lives, it can also affect fertility. Something Angie is aware of.

"The fear for the future and not being able to conceive easily does rear its ugly head from time to time, but I also believe that is out of my control. What will be will be. I will leave that up to the universe," she told Body And Soul

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"If I can’t have children I will deal with that when the time comes. I will adopt or foster," she continued.

"I will always be a mother. I don’t think giving birth to a child defines whether or not you are a mother. Caring, loving and supporting something unconditionally... Now that is a Mumma!"

Angie also champions endometriosis education, saying learning more helped make everything seem "less frightening".

You can read up more here.

Image: Instagram / Angie Kent

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