Bachelor reality index: episode 14

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We're officially starting the petition to make Tara the next Bachelorette.

The most important thing about a show like The Bachelor is that spoilers don’t get leaked, right?

Sadly, this season has had a smorgasboard of spoiler-y stories – and now there’s another one!

Speaking to OK!, Elise has dropped some VERY specific details about what Matty J is like in the morning.

“He's not a morning person,' she told the publication. 'He doesn't get out of bed until 8.30am.”

“I love waking up in the morning going to the beach and getting things done before going to work.”

Erm… how does she know what he’s like in the morning?!

Onto the reality index!

Realer than Tara being a better catch than Matty

Tara’s greeting of Matty is all we’ve ever wanted in life. Plus 3.

Of course Tara takes him to Movie World. We love the girl but she’s classic GC bogan. Plus 1.

Sorry, we got distracted by Laura’s amazing three-legged dog. Can the next season please be his search for love? Plus 2.

Ermmmm did Matty just cop a feel…? Plus 1.

Elise’s mum is our new hero. Plus 4.

Faker than Matty and Flo’s chemistry during that kiss

We’re working out when this was filmed and it was probably right before Ten ran into financial trouble. Yeah, shutting down Movie World for two people will do that. Minus 1.

"You may as well just tell us now, are you going to pick Tara?" Um, Troy, that’s not how this show works… Minus 2.


Matty seems generally surprised Flo’s family didn’t want to fly across the world to meet her boyfriend who has three other girlfriends. Minus 1.

God, watching this date, we’re more certain than ever that he isn’t going to pick Tara. YOU’RE MAKING A MASSIVE MISTAKE, MATTYCAKES! Minus 3.

Did you know Matty lived in London? You probably don’t cos he NEVER mentions it. SMH. Minus 2.


Next week: It’s the final countdooooooooown!

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Written By Cassie Crofts

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WARNING: This article deals with the topic sexual harrasment and may be triggering for some.

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