The Bachelor Final Five Revealed In Sneaky Behind-The-Scenes Pic

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The final five contestants vying for Bachie Matt Agnew's heart have been revealed following a photo leak.


The pictures, available via Daily Mail Australia and reportedly taken May 3, show Abbie, Helena, Elly, Emma and Chelsie.

A few of these gals aren't all that surprising, e.g. Chelsie and Abbie.

But Emma? Emma is confusing.

Here's the list from Sportsbet so far where Emma is placed well underneat Monique (now eliminated) and literally no winner whatsoever:

Chelsie 1.40

Abbie 3.00

Elly 7.50

Helena 8.00

Kristen 12.00

Monique 18.00 (now eliminated)

No Winner 21.00

Sogand 21.00

Cassandra 26.00

Emma 31.00

As for the winner, that's still up in the air but we're vibing Elly or Chelsie tbh?

Image: Channel Ten / The Bachelor

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Written By Ally Parker

"We’re really disappointed."

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum

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The older I get the more I relate to Miss Trunchball tbh.