The Awkward Moment On The Voice That Has Everyone Talking

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Does this offend you?

The performance of one contestant on this season of The Voice has fans talking today... and not for a good reason, unfortunately. 

As shares, Kirrah Amosa has found herself in the spotlight after she responded to the judges' feedback in a seemingly nonchalant way. 

After singing 'Let You Love Me' by Rita Ora, for which none of the judges turned, Amosa received feedback for her performance:

“I’m sensing there’s a little wall up right now," Guy Sebastian told the contestant. 

“I feel like maybe you were pushing because when you sing you’re trying to prove a point,” he said.

Amosa responded:

“Um, I would have loved for you to turn around but, you know, there’s a reason that you didn’t."

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However, it was when the young performer responded to Kelly Rowland's advice to "have this be a learning experience" with a dismissive quip, the tone seemed to shift.

“The sun is still gonna come up tomorrow," Amosa told Rowland. 

The comment drove Delta Goodrem to call out the singer:

“I don’t feel like you’re listening to any of our advice.”

In a later interview Amora told cameras:

“Just because four people don’t like the way I sounded that time doesn’t mean seven billion other people won’t.

"If they don’t like me it’s not my problem.”

The small exchange seems to have struck a nerve with audiences who have taken to social media to both accuse the show of making something out of nothing and slam Amosa for her supposed attitude. 

So, what do you think? Were the judges being too harsh? Or was Amosa out of line?

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