The Aussie cafe that "broke" Will Smith

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Must have been a big deal!

Celebrities visiting Australia can expect a great many things:

Beautiful beaches, sunny weather, a local forcing Vegemite on them and some pretty choice eats.

Honestly, it's no wonder they come Down Under.

We're proud to say Will Smith has been in Aus for two days now and has been lucky enough to experience it all (minus the Vegemite we hope).

In fact, one Bondi cafe may have just made the star's trip with a healthy version of pancakes that "broke" him.

The actor, 49, posted:

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"Okay...I ABSOLUTELY HATE when people post pictures of food! BUT...this damn Green Pea Pancake at Porch & Parlour in Bondi Beach, Australia...It Broke Me, Y'all," he captioned.

The green pea pancake comes with avocado, snow peas, a poached egg, feta, zucchini and a mint salad. So, bascially a lot of green.

And with 4.7 million Instagram followers seeing the glory of their goods, P&P are probably going to be serving up a whole lot more.

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Thanks Will, pleased to have you mate.

Image: I Am Legend


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