Ashton Kutcher is being dragged for his tweet about the recent California massacre

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"Could you be any more self-absorbed?"

The United States is once again in the midst of a heated debate after, *once again*, a mass shooting left a number of innocent people dead. 

This time, the massacre took place in a Californian bar, claiming the lives of 12 people. The shooter was a 28-year-old former Marine, Ian David Long. 

Like many others, Ashton Kutcher took to social media after the horrific events to plead for change. He tweeted to his 18 million followers revealing that he had celebrated his birthday at the venue where the shooting occurred back in February. 

His intention, we assume, was to highlight the fact that these attacks can happen to anyone. However, a whole heap of people didn't take it that way. They saw it as insensitive and accused Kutcher of making the incident about him. 

As the Daily Mail has reported, people have lashed out at the actor in response.

"Way to make yourself part of the story," @adamadam114 wrote.

"I flew on a plane in 2001. I could have been part of 9/11 too if I was flying that day. Could you be any more self absorbed?" 

"Wow... Way to spin a tragedy and make it about yourself. 'Omg I could be dead but I'm not because I wasn't there' GTFOH. People are dead bro," wrote @mdotr_. 

Kutcher went on to share that he is not suggesting guns should be taken from Americans but rather, that gun reform needs to happen.

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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo

"He is now not in the right headspace"

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