Ariana Grande's new trailer reveals far more juicy clues than previously thought

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Thank U, Next (bit 'o gossip).

The teaser trailer for Ariana Grande's 'Thank U, Next' video has been out and about for less than 24-hours but we're pretty sure we're not alone in saying we're already obsessed.

Early 00s rom-coms? Sold!

But while we were busy obsessing over the pervasive nature of Aaron Samuels' eyebrows - it's been years and they're more on trend than ever - a few of you noticed new hidden details.


The bulk of suspicion comes off the back of Ari's most recent image post on the 'gram.

A black and white image of a Mean Girls re-enactment, the post is captioned, "Way too damn needy".

At face value, this doesn't seem like much, but as her other posts have included quotes from the movies pictured, the departure from theme has fans speculating. 

Ariana has been dropping hints about a track called 'Needy' on Twitter for a while now so it's no surprise that fans have connected these dots.

Could more music from Ari drop at the same time as her 'Thank U, Next' video?

Sounds like a possibility!

Image: Instagram / Ariana Grande


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