Ariana Grande throws shade at Pete Davidson on Instagram

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So, are they on good or bad terms?

When you're at the success level of Ariana Grande and you go through a massive life-change like breaking off your marriage, it's hard to avoid reminders.

However, one thing we have noticed over the past couple years is that Grande is taking everything like throws her as a champion. 

She's now making light of the break-up by writing a song about her exes and low key roasting herself on social media. 

While scrolling through Instagram the 'Thank u, next' singer commented on a post by The Zoe Report called:

"13 tips and tricks for finding the perfect engagement rings (including popular metal you should actually avoid)."

To which Grande commented:


Even though she says she's thankful for Pete Davidson we can't help but wonder whether there is still bitterness there, but you know what - she's got every right to feel that way.

The comment comes after the release of 'Thank u, next' and Davidson's insensitive joke towards the breakup on Saturday Night Live to Maggie Rogers:

“Hey Maggie, I’m Pete.”

“Hey Pete.”

“You wanna get married?” Davidson asks.

Her response is blunt and to the point: “No.”

“O for three,” Davidson says to camera.

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