Ariana Grande shares MASSIVE hint about Pete Davidson

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One down, eight more to go.

Why are we still hanging on to the last teensy, tiny string of hope that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson will get back together?

Especially after seeing Grande's hand on her Instagram Story.

The 'Breathin' singer has made the breakup official by covering up her tattoo dedicated to Davidson.

Now we're not talking about a band-aid - this time it's more drastic and permanent. She's covered it with another tattoo.

Last night, she shared a snippet of her toasting and drinking with some friends while showing off her new fern leaf tattoo.

If you're not an Arianator then you probably don't know every tattoo she has or had. Well, under the fern leaf was the word "reborn" was a direct reference to one of Pete's favourite Kid Cudi songs.

According to our Googling, a fern leaf symbolises sincerity towards others.

We guess we can just sit back now and watch the rest of the couple's tattoos start to disappear. 

Image credit: Instagram/@arianagrande


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Written By Christina Cavaleri