Anna Heinrich has confused her fans with this optical illusion

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"This kind of thing can keep people up at night.”

Do not tell us this is going to be another optical-illusion photo causing nation-wide debates.

Anna Heinrich took to Instagram to share a relaxed picture of her enjoying her trip to Byron Bay.

However, her caption has fans scratching their heads.

“Spot the dots. Do you only see stripes?” 

Followers of the star were trying to work out what pattern her bikinis were:

“I only see stripes, no polka dots.

“I’m dizzy now after noticing all the stripes.”

“Are the stripes made of tiny polka dots? This kind of thing can keep people up at night.”

Heinrich is currently in Byron Bay with husband Tim Robards. 

Australia’s first Bachelor couple tied the knot in June and have since been sharing gorgeous snaps of their beautiful Italian wedding and honeymoon sailing around the Mediterranean.

So what do we think, stripes or spots?

Image credit: Instagram


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Written By Christina Cavaleri