All the Pete Davidson references you missed in Ariana Grande's new vid

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Blink and you'll miss them.

In the midst of all that's going on in her life at the moment, it seems like Ariana Grande is channeling everything into her work.

Hot off the surprise release of her new song 'Thank U, Next', the singer has now released the official music video to her latest single 'Breathin'.

With the break-up with Pete Davidson still fresh in her mind (and ours), it feels like Ariana couldn't help but slip in a few references about her ex-fiance into the video.

Don't worry, there's nothing scathing or bad in there!

Firstly, there's a part near the beginning of the video where Ariana is singing in a bar while sitting on top of a bunch of packed suitcases, which is obviously a nod to how she and Pete are no longer living together.

If you recall, Ariana and Pete moved into a crazy expensive apartment in Manhattan a few months ago and we think the suitcases could represent how she's moving out on her own.

There are also a bunch of scenes featuring cloud imagery, such as Ariana's face being hidden behind clouds and swinging high in the sky.

Given how clouds were a feature in her and Pete's relationship (they both got matching cloud tattoos and phone cases, y'all), this could all represent how her thoughts were, ahem, clouded and now she's finally moving on with her life post-Pete.

Those are all the big ones we spotted, but take a gander at the video here just in case we missed some:

While we may be reading into Ari's music video a bit too much, she has previously talked about the inspiration behind 'Breathin' and revealed that it didn't have anything to do with Pete Davidson but rather her anxiety.

Saying that the song is "about anxiety", the singer says that she was having "lots of [anxiety attacks]" while in the studio and her producers suggested that she put those feelings of being unable to breathe into a song.

We feel you, Ari, and we're loving the new vid.

Image: YouTube/Vevo/Ariana Grande


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