Ali and Taite's interview on The Project turned real awkward, real fast

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Ali and Taite Network Ten

“But no conclusion clearly?”

One of the biggest questions to come out of this season of The Bachelorette was: is Taite ready to commit to Ali like she wants him to? And the curiosity around this area has not died down in the slightest. 

As has reported, the pair has been followed by pregnancy rumours since their relationship was confirmed. And although Radley and Oetjen didn't do much to shut the whispers down before their appearance on The Project, that didn't stop the interview that followed from becoming awkward AF. 

In the lead up to their appearance on the show, both reality TV stars took to social media to hype fans up about a potential baby reveal... which just turned out to be a pregnancy denial. 

The attention on the area, however, led panellists on The Project to ask the couple about their baby plans and well, it turned into a bit of a mess. 

“We have talked about that haven’t we?” said Oetjen.

“Yeah we have, it’s um,” replied Radley.

Waleed Aly jumped onto the non-answer:

“But no conclusion clearly?”

His comment was just met with nervous laughter. 

We guess that means Radley hasn't yet warmed to Oetjen's plan to become a mum in three years? 

Image: Network Ten

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo