Ali and Taite are reportedly faking their Bachelorette romance

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Say what?

It's been a few weeks since THAT Bachelorette finale where Ali chose Taite as her knight in shining armour (so to speak) and it's been quite the honeymoon period for the couple.

Aside from an awkward interview on The Project, Ali and Taite look like the definition of happy judging by the crazy amount of romantic photos they've posted on Instagram.

However, there are whispers that their over-the-top displays of affection are just an act and the whole romance is fake.

According to Woman's Day, Ali and Taite may only be staying together to ensure the survival of the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise.

The publication reports that the future of the show was put into "jeopardy" are Nick Cummins made the big decision to not choose anyone on the Bachelor finale earlier this year.

To illustrate their point, Women's Day enlisted the help of body language expert Holly Bartter, who also believes Ali and Taite are faking their relationship.

"Taite definitely appears a little more camera-shy and aware of being affectionate in public, looking up when Ali looks up at him and gazing into his eyes."

Having said that, both Ali and Taite insist that their relationship is genuine, telling The Daily Telegraph that they're going to give it a "real crack."

We certainly hope that these "whispers" are just whispers that will result in nothing because we're not sure we can handle the end of another Bachie relationship after what's happened this year.

Image: Ali Oetjen/Instagram


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