Alex Nation sends fans into meltdown with a single 'gram 'like'

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Alex Nation

What's she playing at?

Last month, in news that didn’t surprise anyone, it was finally revealed that Richie Strahan and his chosen Bachelor babe Alex Nation had called off their relationship months before. In news that did surprise us, it came out that Alex had a new someone in her life already and that someone was a woman.

It seemed like Alex had finally found happiness with girlfriend Maegan Luxa and we thought that that was that. Until this happened: Alex went and 'liked' a photo of her and Richie in their glory days posted by a fan. 

Alongside the photo, the poster wrote that she'd been binge-watching ol' Bachie seasons (we've all been there) and had taken a liking to Alex and Richie's season. 

"My favourite love story was @alexandranation and @richie_strahan It wasn't the public's choice but I was happy that they found each other. I don't know whether they are together or not but it took a lot of courage to go on a show to find love and putting themselves out there." 

Less than an hour after that went up, Alex went ahead and 'liked' the post. Yeah. Strange, right?

Word on the street (according to a New Idea report so take that with a grain of salt) is that Richie’s totally devastated Alex’s moved on.

His "mate" apparently told the mag, "Rich is totally heartbroken - he really is shattered. He feels as though his world, dreams and hopes have come crashing down overnight."

If that's true, we feel for Richie. But from the looks of his 'gram, seems like he and his hair aren't doing too bad.

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Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar

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