Alex Nation Claims Brooke Stood Her Up On A Date BEFORE BIP

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Good news folks: Bachelor In Paradise is here to fill the hole in your heart left by MAFS.


The first BIP episode will hit our screens Tuesday 9 April on Channel 10, and while yes, we're legit still reeling over the whole Elizabeth/Ines/Sam clusterwhoops from that MAFS finale, we have to say; we're keen for a pina colada.

Alex Nation popped into Nova for a chat with Fitzy and Wippa to get the Fiji vibes rolling, and boy did she bring it.

Aside from dropping the fact that Frankston Bomber colleague Maegan Luxa was her first female relationship - "I'd never been with a woman romantically" - she also shared some goss about Brooke Blurton.

"She's beautiful," Alex gushed.

"I was chatting to her before Paradise and she was announced the day before I flew out and i remember feeling so nervous and wanting to impress her."

But what about those rumours about Brooke standing up Alex on a date before Paradise?

"She [Brooke] would say it's not [true] but she absolutely stood me up," Alex told the hosts.

Alex and Richie Strahan - together after she 'won' The Bachelor - also appear to have it out on the series so get ready.

Image: Instagram / Alex Nation

Written By Ally Parker