Aldi’s Epic Snow Gear Sale Has Finally Arrived

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Shoop, shoop, shoop!

Winter is coming… 

No, this isn’t a story about Game of Thrones, it’s about our other love - Aldi.

Yes! Aldi has delivered another sale to blow the socks off your feet and the money out of your wallet. 

And it’s Aldi’s annual snow gear Special Buys sale!

People line up around the block to get their snow bunny hands on reasonably-priced gloves, goggles, jackets, pants and more.

Hurry up and give me the date!” we hear you say. Well, the date will sound rather familiar to you as there is another important event happening around Australia. 

It’s Saturday May 18, the same day as our federal election. 

Calm down, do not stress, everything can be done. Here is your plan of attack: 

1. Camp out at your local Aldi.

2. Fill your car with snow gear.

3. Find a somewhat local electoral booth.

4. Grab a democracy sausage to end your super productive day.

Items will be available in stores Australia-wide, while stocks last.


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Written By Christina Cavaleri