Aldi Is Selling Those Giant Inflatable Battle Balls So Get Bulldozin'

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On our Christmas wish list.

You've read the headline but please, allow us to confirm that Aldi, our precious Aldi, is selling those giant inflatable battle ball thingos and we want one.

No six. We mean six. 

The inflatable Special Buy - suitable for folks aged eight and above - will hit stores Saturday September 21.

It's listed as 121cm in diameter, $30 and is as easy as inflate, stretch your neck a bit and go.

The Special Buy, announced on the Aldi Facebook page yesterday as racked up a casual 64K comments so we know we've got at least a few of you to battle with - Would Mad Max style be too much? Asking for a friend.

One Aldi shopper even wrote:

“Every time we have an argument moving on, we need to settle it by going to a nearby park and running into each other at full speed while dressed in one of these" AKA we've found our tribe.

Image: Aldi / Facebook

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Written By Ally Parker