Actor David Arquette suffers gruesome injury during wrestling match

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David Arquette took to the amateur wrestling ring last night for a match against Nick Gage. But what was meant to be an entertaining affair unexpectedly ended in gruesome fashion.

The match started normally. Well, as normally as an amateur wrestling match can go.

But things took a turn for the worse when the Hollywood actor found in a clinch with Gage, who then hit him with a light tube.

The stunt went wrong and Arquette was left with blood streaming from his neck when the light tube sliced open his throat.

After grabbing the ring, the actor left the ring in a hurry but the match finished quickly after when Gage pinned him and won the bout.

Fans took footage of the incident and shared it on Twitter. Just a heads up, it gets pretty intense so maybe avoid watching if you're a little squeamish. 

It is reported (via that Arquette was taken to hospital for treatment afterwards and later took to Twitter to tell everyone he's alright in a joking manner, writing "Turns out death matches aren't [his] thing" in one tweet.

Hats off to the guy for having a sense of humour about literally getting his throat cut open.

Kudos to David for dipping his toes into the amateur wresting ring, which is a whole new challenge compared to acting.

Get well soon and maybe stay away from light tubes from now on.

Image: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images


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Written By Alexander Pan