The actor behind Pennywise the clown in the film 'IT' it actually really hot!

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I know, pretty hard to imagine an attractive face behind that creep!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have noticed the countless red balloons around the world.

Wondering what they are, an insanely clever and creepy marketing tool for the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 novel ‘It’.

Viewers have said the film was done extremely well, it not only made them scared it had moments of laughter as well. 

Now the actor behind the creepy face of Pennywise is Bill Skarsgard and he’s actually really hot!


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Skarsgard was born in 1990 when the book was made into a television series and he remembers his elder brothers teasing him with ghost stories about Pennywise the Dancing Clown. 

He spoke to People about his complete transformation into the clown:

“I was really excited to do a full character transformation into something that’s so far away from who I am in every way.” 

“So I took a lot of time and worked on how Pennywise would sound and move and all that. Things changed along the way, but it was convincing enough that I got the job.

“I never had a clown phobia or anything growing up, but the TV movie came out the same year I was born, and I remember later hearing my older brothers and cousins talking about the scariest movie ever and the clown called It.” 

The 27-year-old is one of acclaimed actor Stellan Skarsgard’s seven children says he has inherited the role that, “turned clowning from something jolly to something menacing” for a generation of kids — and adults.

His agent asked him if he would like to read for Pennywise, the demonic clown who feeds on children in the fictional New England town of Derry, Maine.

His initial reaction:

“F**K yeah.” 

Put Skarsgard’s own imagination and then add director Andrés Muschietti’s vision for the character into the mix - a modern version of Pennywise, far darker and more modern than Curry’s, was born. 

“You need to access parts of yourself where you’re thinking, ‘What’s the most disturbing or horrifying thing that could happen right now?’ And then you have to commit to that.

“I spent a lot of time on film sets with my dad at work, and as a kid that’s a very appealing thing, to watch grownups get to play dress-up and pretend that they’re different people — and then get paid for it!”

The movie has broke records bringing in $117 million on it's opening weekend. 

Fans cannot stop talking about the film and are now scared to go near storm drains.

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Written By Christina Cavaleri