This 90s movie star is unrecognisable and we’re shook

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Let’s play a game of guess who. 

This is a picture of a 1990s movie star: 

Any ideas who it is?

Here’s another clue: he starred in a hugely successful Baz Luhrmann’s movie (no, not Romeo and Juliet) which remains in the top 10 highest grossing Australian films ever. 



The movie was about dancing. Ballroom dancing specifically. And he looked more like this: 

Yep, they’re both the same dude. Paul Mercurio is his name- he played handsome dancer Scott Hastings in Baz Luhrmann's movie Strictly Ballroom.

Appearing on Today Extra on Friday December 21, Paul joked about how different he looks now syaing, “I've got a lot less hair now, haven't I?”

It’s been 26 years, Paul is now 55 years old and he dances to a very different tune. 

On Today Extra Paul revealed he’s given up dancing and now runs his own food business, Beerlicious Condiments. 

We’re not sure he’ll win any awards for the name, but his products do sound pretty delish. 

His range features “a hot beer mustard and a beetroot and stout chutney, along with a range of four rubs for spicing things up on the BBQ.“

But Paul’s life isn’t all sauces and salivation, he hasn't TOTALLY forgotten his roots. 

Paul is the choreographer for new musical Lola Montez, an Australian production about and Irish dancer who visited the Ballarat Goldfields in Victoria in the 1860s.

But his biggest achievement to date? (In our humble opinions at least)

Paul is a Guinness World Record holder for sorting coloured Jelly Babies using chopsticks in the fastest time.

Images: Today Extra / Channel 9, Paul Mercurio / Instagram, Strictly Ballroom / M&A Productions, Giphy / Giphy. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi